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How to Keep Cats off Tables and Furniture

How to Keep Cats off Tables and Furniture

A cat in the house provides many with companionship, but they can destroy your home if you let them. Cat hair is very hard to completely remove from a couch, and a cat's urine seems to linger on the sofa no matter how many times you have it cleaned. And besides, who wants to be making dinner only to find pieces of cat hair in their food? There are definitely places in the house that you might want to make off-limits to cats. Here is a simple, humane way to teach cats where they are not allowed.



    Spend time with your cat. If you are gone most of the day, every day, be prepared for it to take longer for your cat to be trained. If you can make an effort to spend time at home, the message will be very consistent and clear to your cat.


    Fill the spray bottle with water and keep it on the kitchen counter, next to the sofa, or on the night stand by your bed--just somewhere close to where you are not going to allow your cat to be.


    Whenever your cat jumps up onto wherever they are not supposed to be, give them a spray of water in the face with the spray bottle and yell, "NO! NO!". Cats hate water, even though it is harmless to them. After being sprayed your cat will run in the opposite direction.


    Be consistent! You do not have to follow your cat around the house all day, but make sure that EVERY TIME you find your cat where they are not supposed to be, spray and scold them. Cats are smart. It won't be long before they associate the forbidden surface with the scary water and they will not attempt to jump on the table again.

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